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The Secrets and Mysteries of HarnMaster Gold Shek-Pvar: A Review of the Supplement

What's one way to force folk magic into the game? How about the dreaded "familiar" of 1st edition Runequest? This works as a game engine, and it even includes the humanoid modes for the beasts (Abe for humans, Bolo for dwarves, and Ragah for elves). If you don't like the old familiar mechanic, you could try a custom scenario, or you could go even further and develop your own using the Beast Locus based on Harnmaster Gold (including the Race of Spirits website). No need to reinvent the wheel, but put your own stamp on this one.

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It's been a while since I've played, but I can say in a general sense of using a game like Harnmaster Gold to expand from. The adventure path for the current edition of RuneQuest should be able to fit in most of Harnmaster Gold, as the two major systems overlap. Quests in Harnmaster Gold probably won't be as different from those in RuneQuest, excepting the low level dungeon style quests (which are more of the "petal kind", and not as structured as the dungeon quests). It's more open, and likely more seductive in the language, but probably a bit more rigid with regard to the "dice roll" style quests than a typical RuneQuest dungeon crawl would be.

It's my understanding that Harnmaster Gold takes place in the same world as RuneQuest, in the same setting. Although, of course, there are plenty of tweaks you might want to do. The setting will be familiar to you. Since RuneQuest 2nd edition operates at least somewhat realistically, you'll be able to adapt some of Harnmaster Gold's game system to fit in RuneQuest, although you might not be able to do a direct conversion. The old format works, and it has the bonus of creating a whole new game in the framework of Harnmaster Gold. You can easily swap out the Harnmaster Gold books as the "core" RuneQuest books, though you may need to determine whether or not you need the others (e.g., a combat system).

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