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About myself

I'm brave and I have the strength to finish

and to support everything where I feel the sense



I have the energy of support and understanding 

and non-judgment, enhanced by sensitivity and openness



I feel our interconnectedness with Mother Earth and the Universe 


truth, unconditioanal love, freedom and joy and humor are important elements of life for me - like breathing



I'm committed to what I do



I go to the root cause of causes and I am always looking for solutions



I love a challenge

Pavla Blackmore


YUEN METHOD Česko Pavla Blackmore


Connecting to our divinity in our hearts. Connecting the first hundred thousand people. And then more.

Imagine what it would be like to live your life to the fullest, really to the fullest!

And yet to feel deeply connected, connected to yourself and to everything, and to feel love, harmony and joy. To feel vital and full of energy, much like we felt as children or when we were growing up and felt like we owned the world. It still belongs to us. And we belong to it.

And to live and feel this way every day, and the next, and the next, in freedom, in health, in true joy, in openness.


The foundation of understanding

I understood how we are all connected to each other and to nature.


I understand how this bond is mutual and how it needs to be strengthened, healed, harmonized and lived.

I understood how nature is possible

with love, humility and respect to receive,

and how we are to connect with her...opening our senses and discovering new levels of communication and connection with Mother Earth, plants and animals and all the elements.


At the same time, I also perceive our connection to the Universe, to all the energy that surrounds us and supports us and leads to ourselves.


My vision, my mission is to connect us to our hearts, to connect with our divine nature and thereby find and maintain love, health and harmony in the joy and fullness of life.

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My Vision

I want to support those of you who really want to LIVE and to LIVE FULLY and only in the best possible way.



I can listen to those of you who don't know if you want to move on with your life, co-feel and give you emotional support and participation.



I can see reality as such,

as it really is and I can see the causes of problems, situations and I want to support CHANGE in your life, and CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. 



I want to live my heart and my life to the fullest.

and in harmony with myself.




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